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Investing Smart Money

A comprehensive advisory team at your disposal. Only manage one relationship for all your wealth needs.

  • How much money can you spend every month for the rest of your life?
    Our clients have a team that knows every aspect of their financial situation. We are able to build personal quarterly cash flow analysis and monthly earn and burn rates.
  • What is your PE strategy? How are you tracking? Who is filtering your deals?
    Our clients have their own investment analyst team. Your private team will allocate, track, and execute on deals. Enabling you to invest smart money in the private equity sector.
  • You want to build your dream home or buy an additional home, what variables should you consider?
    What assets should I use to finance the house? How do I leverage assets efficiently and safely to purchase the property? If I'm planning on renting it, how should I set up the legal entity purchasing the property? Is this property a good investment?
  • You've made it... What could trip you up?
    Our clients have advisors working together to protect their wealth while making sure their impact goals are achieved. If you’re worried, meet with one of our teams to point out potential risks.
  • What happens to your money when you die and your spouse gets remarried?
    All our clients receive complimentary legacy and estate plans. Making sure you and your spouse have a plan when an accident happens financially protecting children and other family.
  • What is your active tax-loss harvesting strategy?
    Having a team actively monitor your public investments allows you to capitalize on tax benefits when markets dip optimizing your bottom line.
  • How do you manage asset location (account registration, deferred accounts, trust)?
    How you hold your assets can be just as important as the asset itself. A tax, legal, and investment specialist will help you navigate different ways to hold assets to optimize your bottom line.

Seven Questions For High Impact People 


Personalized Portfolios

Public and Private Market Opportunities.

Public Investments

Active tax-loss harvesting strategy

Analyst monitoring the public sector

Disciplined & active investment advisors

Diversified holdings to reduce expected risk

Private Investments

Private team to analyze private deals

Access to venture capital markets

Access to different funds 

Access to private deal flow

Alternative Investments

Allocation depending on risk tolerance

Access to cryptocurrency experts

Access to real estate funds 

A couple at a business meeting

Tailored Investment Opportunities

Public Markets

Venture Capital

Tax-Efficient Investments

Private Markets

Real Estate


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Investments made for:


Looking to liquidate


Looking to preserve wealth for generations


Looking to grow wealth through private deals

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Most of us have things that keep us up at night. We try to ignore the monsters under our bed but know they are there.


By helping people navigate complex, multi-faceted wealth management issues I identify and address those monsters and bring peace to people's lives. It's why I love what I do.

Chris Bean CPA | Advisor & Managing Partner

Investing Smart Money

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